Equipment Upgrades or Repair

We sell and install the industry's best brands and focus on energy efficient pumps and motors, proper sizing, hydraulic efficiency, correct plumbing, and safety when selecting the best equipment fit for your pool. Call today about the San Diego energy efficient pool equipment and save money.


Pool Repair From Storm Damage

Cleaning up and repairing your San Diego North or East County pool after a storm requires patience, expertise and diligence. We specialize in mudslides, fire ash inundation, Santa Ana wind conditions and more. If time doesn’t permit you to thoroughly maintain your pool following a storm or repair tasks require an expert eye, contact Vinny's Pool Service at 858-602-6699.  Quotes are always free.


Pool Tile Work and Plaster Repair

Lack of pool maintenance along with age are the number one factors for problems that result in pricey repairs. Hollow spots (spalling) that pop-up, chipping, splitting and failing tiles are common. We can supply service to repair/replace tiles, coping, caulking re-plastering and more. Call Vinny's Pool Service at 858-602-6699 with any questions.  Quotes are always free.


San Diego Pool Repair

When something in your pool breaks call the most reliable pool repair services in North County San Diego, Vinny's Pool Service. Nobody can get you repairs as quickly or at better rates than us. We're always working to keep our rates competitive so prices are the last of your worries. Just give us a call and we'll be out before you know it. We've got your back.

Refurbish the Filtering System

Even the most beautiful pool can look out-of-date if the filtering and electrical systems aren’t renovated. The pump and purification system are the most important part of keeping your pool location clean and gleaming. Vinny's Pool Service can take a look at your current plumbing and filtering system and recommend the best upgrade.


Its time to take care of your pool investment!

Contact us now to upgrade or repair your San Diego North County Pool!